Sunday, February 14, 2010

Internship: The Creative Process

So I have been busy with work and school. I am currently interning at an illustration house just weaseling my way into the industry.

I just finished a project to redesign the "Leap Frog" character from the interactive book series. Here is a little incite of the creative battle I had to endure.

Creative Director: Could you create a new character for the leapfrog series having him appeal to children age 5-8? Draw me up 3 sketches of Leap doing something cool in different gestures or situations.

Me: Alrighty, here are 2 of the sketches, any notes?

Creative Director: Oh, he looks too cute. Could you make him more gangster?

Me: What? Gangster for kids 5-8? Well, Ok! Here you go!

Creative Director: Wow, that's too gangster! Could you tone that back abit and do 5 sketches of leap in the same gesture but wearing different clothes

Me: Well, I guess I could, here you go...

Creative Director: Awesome! Um, actually, we do need Leap drawn in different gestures. Could you draw up about 10 gestures so we can decided on a direction to go for the final 2 sketches?

Me: What?! Make up your mind! Ok, I will do want you want, but you cant make me enjoy it!

Creative Director: Hey, those are looking good, but I think we are only going to use the one with him leaning up against a wall, could you also do one of him playing air guitar?

Me: Of course, I would do anything for my creative director who's name isnt listed! Here you go!
Creative Director: Those are horrible! Just scrap everything and do a turnaround of Leap for me...

Me: Why do you always yell at me... I work so hard for you and all you do is beat me down with your horrible words!

Creative Director: Excellent work! You are an excellent artist and really going places!

Me: Oh, yea i know, everyone says it everyday....

(Please note: The following quotes may or may not have actually happened)

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  1. Great story! I did some stuff for Leapfrog a few years ago too. The characters might not be the greatest designs but they're not the worst either.